Documentary and commercial photographer, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.— but I'll take any opportunity to travel!

Growing up in Long Beach, California, I had little exposure to my Native heritage; this sparked a curiosity within me that continues to propel my work today. My mother’s genealogical investigation was a launching pad that began my journey to establish a connection with my ancestors and their ways of living.


Photography is about capturing moments. It is about seeing the smallness in the bigness of the world. I want to subtly craft these moments into art while allowing the images to speak with their voice and not my own.

BFA from Santa Fe University of Art & Design. Lead product photographer at Santa Fe Dry Goods since 2015.

Work with Me

Often we don’t know how to share our stories. It can be difficult to take a vision from paper to finished project.

I have the ability to help people tell their stories, cultural or commercial, and providing that service is a way to share instances of beauty with the world.

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